I’m Not Twenty Four …

Genre: Not mentioned in the book.  In his blog the author says it’s “mostly a true story”. Flipkart lists it under Biography.

Publisher: Grapevine India Publishers

Price: Rs.100

Pages: 223

Saumya Kapoor is a chic and stylish Delhi based girl who has just earned an MBA degree from MDI. After grabbing a job at a steel giant, Lala Steels  an ecstatic Soumya is extremely hopeful of becoming an eye candy in their “glossy Mumbai office”.  However, all her dreams come crashing down when she finds herself posted in Toranagallu, a godforsaken town located in the heart of northern Karnataka because the HR department of the company mistook her name to be that of a guy. With Amit, a nerdy friend from college and Malappa, a rebellious and goofy engineer as her only friends, Saumya in thoroughly dismayed with her new life in Toranagallu. And to make matters worse she gets placed in the Reaction Team of the Safety Department, a team whose primary responsibility is to break the news of industrial accidents to the victims’ relatives. Burdened with the task of comforting grief-stricken families and traumatised by the macabre sights of  industrial mishaps Saumya soon becomes an insomniac. She decides to quit her job and leave Toranagallu for good when Shubro, an Indian hippie, whom she had meets in Hampi, enters her live. A drug addict and a nomad by choice, he oozes a considerable amount of charm and intrigue which Saumya finds very hard to resist. Struck by Cupid’s arrow, Saumya soon realizes that there is more to Shubro’s personality than beer and weed.

I know that it is much more important for a guy to be intriguing than being handsome. Handsomeness can only get you noticed but if you want to hold the attention of a woman, there has to be a certain level of intrigue in your personality.


“There are two types of stories. One where you sit up and say ‘this is so me.’ Second, when the story takes you to a world you would hardly believe actually exists. This story is the latter” is what the author, Sachin Garg  says to describe his novel in the prologue. Well, I must say that I completely agree with him.

The story starts off on a very promising note when Saumya finds herself stranded in Toranagallu. Towards the middle, when the author describes all the industrial accidents, the narration becomes quite repetitive. I found myself labouring through this part. However the last thirty pages of the book took me by surprise. On the whole the story is quite interesting.

The author has dealt with the two main characters fairly well. The pain endured by Saumya is palpable and the mystery and charm associated with Shubro’s  personality keeps the reader engrossed.

The writing style, on the other hand, is very disappointing.  With grammatical errors sprawling across numerous pages one can easily make out that the book has been poorly edited. There are various instances where the author has messed up the tenses.

Page 29: The best case scenario was that I will be there for a year.

Page 42: I had the urge to take a walk in the township and find out what all is available here.

Page 53: One hour ago I had never thought that I will visit an iron mine.

There are quite a few typographical errors as well.

Page 89: The problem started when the left in the night.

Stumbling upon such errors again and again makes the reader frustrated.

The author has used conversational English to write this book which might be appreciated by those who prefer short and simple reads. I personally feel that this has made his writing seem amateurish.

To sum up I would say that poor editing is the biggest letdown of this book. However, the interesting storyline makes it worth a read.

To know more about the author log on to www.sachingarg.me 

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